The book "Champignons comestibles / Edible Mushrooms", by Fernand Miron and Anita Royer, is now available in bookstores in Quebec and Eastern Canada at a cost of $ 38.00.

EXCELLENT NEWS. The first two years, in 2016 and 2017, the Foundation's site audience was 10 per day during the mushrooms harvest period. In 2018, this audience ranged between 40 and 50 visits per day during the months of July and August, to decline to 10 people thereafter.

The Miron-Royer Foundation begins publishing e-books with the ePub release of the following two books:

 - Champignons comestibles de la Mauricie , HABITATS, Mauricie's Edible Mushrooms.

New for the identification keys of mushrooms.

 Identification of the boletes:

 -1900 photos added,

 -texts revised and improved,

 - comments added,

- the English version will be reviewed by spring.

During our recent visit to the Bas-St-Laurent and Témiscouata regions, maple syrup producers informed us that maple syrup production was one-third of what it had been in previous years.For a good maple syrup harvest, two conditions are required:

 Fernand Miron and Anita Royer closed their forest mushroom seed production laboratory (about thirty species); at 73 years old, it is time for them to hand over to the younger generation so that the knowledge accumulated over the years will not be lost and the Quebec producers can continue to dev

An excellent and warm meeting Saturday, April 21, 2018, in Louiseville, for participants in the mushroom growing project under forest cover. In addition to discussing the following orientations were taken:

Francine Fallara, geologist and mycologist living in Boischatel, QC, joins our team to promote the publications and activities of the Foundation on social networks. 

Training on gathering wild mushrooms, organized by the Miron-Royer Foundation Inc., in collaboration with the municipality of St-Mathieu-du-Parc, ended Sunday, October 30, with a successful final exam for participants. 

Mauricie’s wood marketing board project to seed mushrooms in the forest by means of spores is a smoke screen that creates false expectations, according to Fernand Miron, biologist.