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Added: l.2 Beautiful Bolete, Boletus speciosus var. brunneus

            6.8 Pulveroboletus lignicola.

Welcome to the living organism identification site of the Miron-Royer Foundation Inc. We will start with boletes, the most important group of mushrooms, for both amateur and professional pickers alike; other groups of mushrooms will be added over time as other collaborative efforts take place. The Foundation is also open to publishing identification guides for other groups of living organisms (mosses, algae, insects, invertebrates, mollusks, etc.) in cooperation with specialists from these various areas.

You will notice that photos play a major role in completing these guides, so that they are accessible to all, both beginners and specialists. We are hoping that many people will send us photos to better illustrate certain species or to show species for which photos are missing. We also invite enthusiasts to send us photos that can be inserted under the “MORE PHOTOS” tab for species already illustrated. For each of the photos provided, the name of the author will accompany the image.

Good luck and enjoy your tastings,
Fernand Miron & Anita Royer

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Comments for the book «Boletes, Quebec and Eastern Canada»

I received your book. Wow! What a nice book.
It is really well done. The pictures are clear and useful. Your identification key is easy to use and follows a good logic. Even culinary comments are added. I will start practicing using this new identification key with the mushrooms I will pick.

Dany Allard, Forestry Technologist and Lumber Measurer, Thurso, QC.

Comments for the book «Boletes, Quebec and Eastern Canada»

The book for the Boletes family took three years to be completed. It is a magnificent work and its quality has been respected with the participation of all the required professionals, translators, revisers and graphic designers. A bank of over 25,000 photographs was taken and sorted solely for the family of boletus. The book is bilingual and references include their Latin names. This is a rare book that covers only the family of boletus. The first edition is limited to 200 copies.
In the past, mycology was taught using a black-and-white identification key, often hand-drawn, that required a microscope to be able to recognize criteria useful in identifying mushrooms. This new visual identification key is logical and has been defined and thought to be used directly in the field with images and enlargements of high qualities. The identification key on the website can be used directly in the field. Enjoy it by picking your boletus!

Francine Fallara, geologist and mycologist, Boischatel, Qc