Funding for the Miron-Royer Foundation Inc. is provided by the volunteer work of its founders and many collaborators: writers, editors, photographers, graphic designers, respondents, and supporters.

The longevity of the work is ensured by contributions to the Foundation for each copy sold, so as to account for updates and new editions. As a result, an amount of $13.52 per copy sold of "Champignons comestibles de la Mauricie, HABITAT, Mauricie's Edible Mushrooms" and "Culture des champignons sous couvert forestier" is paid to the Foundation. It will be the same for all works published in the future.

Also, for each activity sponsored by the Foundation, a return of 10% or more is expected to finance current operations of the Foundation. Because it is non-profit, the Foundation can receive donations from individuals, as well as subsidies from public organizations.