November 11, 2020

With the addition of identification keys and two new sections (Identify your Amanita and Identify your Edibles), the Foundation's site has more than tripled its traffic since the start of the 2020 season to reach between 140 and 400 visits per day, with an average of 200 visits daily. What is excellent.

We also wish to inform you that with the 2020 season the "Identify your amanita" section has been enriched with:

- 397 new photos,

-of 2 species and 2 subspecies now illustrated in photos,

- 22 species for which we have added the chemical signature.

More importantly, the identification keys have been enriched with a text version that comes immediately after the photo version on the same PDF at the top of each major group, which will make identification easier for many enthusiasts. By Christmas we will upgrade « Identifying your bolete ».