Training on gathering wild mushrooms

November 9, 2016

Training on gathering wild mushrooms, organized by the Miron-Royer Foundation Inc., in collaboration with the municipality of St-Mathieu-du-Parc, ended Sunday, October 30, with a successful final exam for participants. 

In May 2016, a training program lasting an entire season was initiated by Fernand Miron and Anita Royer, in collaboration with Kim Huggins of the municipality of St-Mathieu-du-Parc. From July 10 to October 30, those registered were invited to participate in 11 training days. Each week, participants studied one section of the book “Champignons comestibles de la Mauricie, HABITATS, Mauricie's Edible Mushrooms.” On Sunday, the day began with a test on the topics studied during the week, followed by the identification of mushrooms brought in by participants, and a forest excursion.

After the 11 sessions, participants expressed the desire to continue the following year. It was agreed that:

  • Even after 11 sessions, there is still much to learn before you can say you know enough to be able to consume wild mushrooms in a safe and comfortable manner.
  • You must rehearse names and terms repeatedly to successfully memorize them and integrate them into your vocabulary.
  • To really know mushrooms, you must invest time and energy. One day of initiation is definitely not enough to begin safely consuming wild mushrooms.