Closure of the laboratory of Fernand Miron and Anita Royer on April 30, 2018

26 mai 2018

 Fernand Miron and Anita Royer closed their forest mushroom seed production laboratory (about thirty species); at 73 years old, it is time for them to hand over to the younger generation so that the knowledge accumulated over the years will not be lost and the Quebec producers can continue to develop these activities.

Félix Pelletier from L'Islet and his companion Shiara take the reliance and will be ready to produce mushrooms seedlings for the 2019 season. Fernand Miron and Anita Royer continue their work at the Miron-Royer Foundation Inc., especially in the field of photography during the warm season and writing new books on mushrooms and natural sciences during the cold season.

For them, nothing to be bored!