Presence on social media

27 mai 2017

Francine Fallara, geologist and mycologist living in Boischatel, QC, joins our team to promote the publications and activities of the Foundation on social networks. Francine took the initiative to create a Facebook Public Group page and offered to manage it, enabling Fernand Miron & Anita Royer to devote all their energies to field photography and drafting of their new book devoted to the polypores mushroom family planned for the spring 2018. As well as working on their second training course for initiated mushroom hunters which will be available for the upcoming 2017 season.

Please do not hesitate to invite your friends in this group. Additional members helps to share new contributions and knowledge and benefits the entire group.

A big thank you to Francine.
Fernand Miron, biologist

The work done by F. Fallara is notable: a great idea. I will try to contribute to the positive effects of this foundation.

Roger Larivière, biologist, mycologist and author.